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About Me

Composer. Songwriter. Storyteller. 

George Bjorvik is a Los Angeles-based composer specializing in music for film, television, and multimedia.


He began his pursuit of music as a guitar principal at Berklee College of Music where he developed a love for film music. His work spans many genres and in recent years he has composed music for several documentaries and short films and worked as an orchestrator for two movie musicals. He has had pieces premiered by the NYU Symphony and the JACK Quartet.

George currently lives in Los Angeles where he has written scores for recent films, advertising houses, and online scoring libraries. He is now the Lead Composer for AudioBrew where he recently completed the score for the award winning  animated film, Run Totti Run (2022), and is wrapping up work on the feature documentary, The Price of Hope (2023).




Film Scoring



NYU Film Scoring Competition 2017

Winning score for "Moon" by Dan Costales

JACK Quartet


JACK Quartet Piece Premier 2017

"Hafez's Heart" String Quartet premiered in NYC by JACK Quartet

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